Contest Overview

Purchase the AniCast Maker and "Atelier Ryza" collaboration DLC and create and post your own original short anime with Ryza and her friends!

"Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout" is about an ordinary girl named Ryza who lives on Kurken Island and the grand adventure she has with her friends one summer. 3 asset packs featuring the protagonist Ryza, her best friend Klaudia, and the fighting mentor to Ryza and her friends, Lila, will be released. Create a short anime using the character models, backgrounds, and props from these asset packs and post them on Twitter using the hashtags "#ACM_ライザ" and or "#ACM_Ryza". Videos uploaded using those hashtags will be reviewed by the production team of "Atelier Ryza" and cast members and we will pick the winners from there. The winners will recieve fabulous prizes!

Entry Period 7/15/2021 (Thurs) ~ 23:59 8/31 (Tues) PDT
Eligible Territories Japan and USA
Gust Award:1 person
Reisalin "Ryza" Stout 1/7th scale figure
An "Atelier Ryza" clear file autographed by toridamino-sensei

toriedamino Award:1 person
A Ryza B2 tapestry signed by toridamino-sensei

Yuri Noguchi Award:1 person
Autographed shikishi

AniCast Maker Staff Team Award:20 people
Amazon gift card $50

【Judges Bios】
"Atelier Ryza," "Atelier Ryza 2" character designer.

Yuri Noguchi:

Voice actress for Reisalin Stout in the "Atelier Ryza." "Atelier Ryza 2."

How to Enter and Entry Terms and Conditions

Entry Terms and Conditions ・Create a video using the AniCast Maker DLC asset packs "Reisalin 'Ryza' Stout," "Klaudia Valentz," and or "Lila Decyrus."

*There are a total of 3 collaboration asset packs. You can use any one of the three, or multiple packs.

*You may also edit your videos using other tools. But if you do, please make sure you include the "AniCast Maker" logo watermark in your video when you're done. (Footage of adding the AniCast Maker logo after the video is done rendering)
Steps on How to Enter STEP①
Follow @AniCast_Maker on Twitter!

Create a video!
Create a video using the asset packs "Reisalin 'Ryza' Stout," "Klaudia Valentz," and/or "Lila Decyrus."

Post the video on Twitter!
Please use the hashtags "#ACM_ライザ" and/or "#ACM_Ryza".
*Please see how share you entries on social media here:

Entry complete!
You may enter more than one video. (If separate Twitter posts are made, please be sure to use the contest hashtags on each one.)

The winners will be chosen after careful deliberation and will be contacted around the middle of October 2021 through DM by the official Twitter account.

How to Create Videos

To learn how to create a video, please see the user's manual and watch the tutorial videos.


There is a possibility that the video you've created will be used within the AniCast Maker app, or used in exhibits, in print, or for marketing purposes. For more details, please read the agreement concerning this contest.
*You may enter as many times as you'd like during the contest period.

Campaign terms

When entering Avex Technologies Inc.'s(Hereinafter known as "Company") "Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout" × AniCast Maker's Short Anime Contest ~Summer Memories with Ryza and Her Friends~ (Hereinafter known as "this Contest"), please read AniCast Maker's TOS (, as well as the notes listed below(Hereinafter known as "the Terms"). By entering this Contest, you will be agreeing to the Terms of this Contest, and will not be able to object to how the staff proceeds with this Contest.

*Only entries from Japan and the US will be eligible.
*The posted video must not infringe upon third party rights and must follow AniCast Maker's TOS to be eligible.
*If a video posted for this Contest is later deleted, it will not be considered for entry.
*We cannot respond to queries regarding if an entry was accepted or regarding selection results.
*Winners will be contacted throught DM by the official AniCast Maker account after 10/1/2021.
*The Company will not bear any costs incurred in applying for this Contest.
*Applicants for this Contest must have registered Twitter accounts.
*The right to win this Contest belongs only to the winner and cannot be transferred to a third party.
*If you do not follow the instructions given to you when you are contacted as the winner by the designated date, your winnings will be void.
*If you violate the Twitter TOS provided by Twitter, Inc, your winnings will be void.

*In the event of maintenance or malfunction of the service provided by Twitter, inability to log in to Twitter, or inability to post, there is a possibility that you may not be able to enter this Contest, but the Company will not be held responsible for any failure to enter this Contest.
*Only the winners will be contacted after 10/1/2021 by a direct message on Twitter. Please note that we will not be able to confirm the receipt of your entry or respond to any inquiries regarding the selection of the Contest.
*If you are not following "@AniCast_Maker" at the time of entry confirmation after the deadline of this Contest, we will not be able to send you a DM and you will not be eligible for selection.
*Minors must obtain the consent of a parent or guardian before applying for this Contest.
*Please note that if there are any falsehoods or errors in your registration data, or if we deem you to be participating in this Contest fraudulently, your entry to this Contest will be invalidated and your winnings may be cancelled.
*Customer information provided will be used only for the purpose of confirming the winners and providing the prizes to the customers. Other handling of personal information will be in accordance with the "Avex Group Privacy Policy" below. *The contents and schedule of this Contest, as well as the contents of the prizes, are subject to change without notice.
*Please do not resell or transfer the prizes. Please note that the Company will not be responsible for any trouble caused by resale or transfer of the prizes after you receive them.
*You will be participating in this Contest at your own risk.
*The Company shall not bear any responsibility for any disputes with third parties that may arise in relation to your submissions to this Contest or your contributions, regardless of the cause, and you shall resolve such disputes at your own responsibility and expense.
*This Contest may be suspended without prior notice in the event that the Company deems it necessary, such as system maintenance.
*Except for reasons attributable to the Company, the Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the customer in connection with this Contest, including but not limited to the customer's participation or inability to participate in this Contest.