Megu Shinonome Collaboration Assets

Release date: 7/15/2021

Megu Shinonome

This is a collaboration assets pack featuring the virtual star "Megu Shinonome."

*Please note that these contents do not feature a character model, therefore you will not be able to move around as one of the characters.
*Character panels can be used for taking videos with other characters, or placed in the background to recreate the feeling of the world they're from in your videos.

1.) Character illustration
Megu Shinonome full-body illustration (1 image)

2.) Background illustrations
Karaoke room "Pico" (4 images)
Performance stage (3 images)

3.) 3D prop models

4.) Music
"fun fun fan" 15-second ver.
"Gummies' Song" 15-second ver.
"Yes! Onpukko" 15-second ver.
Megu Shinonome is a girl who lives in Hiorioka in Tokyo.
She is a virtual star who writes and composes her own songs, and even stars in VR musicals.
She tries various things to make everyone happy.



Sample videos